September 2006

"Harvest" 9/18/06

sweet heart...

when you say "I understand"
is when I am often
most deeply worried

accept me for who I want to be
not merely as I am
(when who I am is broken)

when you say "don't worry" it will all be ok
is when I seem to become
most desperate for distance

as though suddenly the air I breathe
is riddled with smoke and I pine
for remote new possibilities to inspire

I promise...

as long as I am yours
and in my soul
your trust is carried

I will press you to be
that which you would become
(like clouds before they form)

and in love's moonshine
we will gaze though it may spill
like beads upon on the floor

sweet heart...

when you say "let it go" and just breathe
is when I am too often
gasping for reason

embrace me for what I might earn
not merely what I've collected
(when what I have's but daydreaming)

when you say "don't worry" tomorrow's still coming
is when I find I am the most lost
and pining for past lives

sometimes I wish we could just be still
and stare slowly at discontentment,
to gather our selves

and rise...