October 2006

"contrapunto" - 10/29/06

what is the one thing
that scares you the most
if you could bring yourself
to share this with me
I think maybe I could love you

there are days when it seems
you're unflappable and I
want to shake you
by your shoulders
push you into the deep

I can't even swim
who am I to judge
I won't even drive
you could say I'm helpless
you never would you're far too

what sort of person
falls in love so deeply
plunging down white rivers
with reckless refusal
to heed history's warnings
I'm laughably slow as I'm

speed is so relative
say that I like to go fast
but reality proves that I'm
just as content to sit still
letting life splash my eyes with

rays so sharp through
the windows of motels
seedy, decor-less
the opposite of beauty
is not ugliness, it's



"Somnambula" - 10/21/06

it was an early
night tonight
I might've slept
I had the time
sack-clothed in traif
should have collapsed

desiring you
is not a theme
on which I'm proud
to rhapsodize
awake with all
my dauntless joy

bittersweet joke
brazen turmoil
or is it bliss
bleeding soul's stone
when all you have
should be enough

don't know myself
enough to grasp
grey sky's listless
misleading fog
with hands of hope
I wrestle faith

sleepwalker lost
longing's ocean
I long to trust
what I don't own
oh neverending

night alone