January 2008

"vund" - 1/26/08

someone saw me tonight
and said that I looked "overwhelmed"

as if a dam
I poured out tears I hadn't even known I'd held

I've tried my whole life to be the kind of person
who searches for meaning, hidden or merely faded

in everything

but then there is you and I am lost in my wandering
pitifully unable to connect or encourage

why should love be this complicated
why is it not enough that my belief in you

might lift you up

I ask this question alone in the dark
2 candles lit poor Sabbath in her beauty

impatiently waiting for me to let go
of everything I am frustrated I cannot control

I wish I were religious or that I knew where we'll be
when we are no longer here maybe it'd make me less

sad to be missing you, as long as we are still in the same city

passing like thieves in the night that never ends