"Speak" - 9/24/05

made for tv movie the girl
who played the victim
was good

her performance was powerful
watching in a hotel room I believed her
somewhere in Pennsylvania
she has a new fan

what is it when the story
someone else tells for a living
is the same as the one
you can't tell to save
your own life

I want to find her upstart leading-girl
thank her personally
send her a letters
catharsis is deeply

I don't have tv at home
but out here on the road
arrows come from left field
stabbing moments of awe

where the memory
of something unjustifiable
haunts unrelenting
nightmarish a claw

"speak" that's what it was called
some made for tv movie
why didn't I have the guts
at her humble age

I remember being as sullen as this girl
I remember being as scared as this girl
in the movie I remember
being as secretive and swearing
people off

like it was yesterday
when we're running out
of meaning pausing
comes at such

a cost