the concert

"the concert" - 5/15/11

been thinking of you way too much for one kiss
in a subway station I didn't even see coming

assuming the reason you wanted to see me
was 'cause you needed a confidante someone kind to

lean on a little broken-hearted as you professed to be
your longest romance having ended so recently what I never

expected was to find you so disarming, clever and comforting
at the same time a familiar face unwittingly

beautiful, transparent and graceful a listening ear
so captive my laugh's heartbeat longed, before long, to

mingle with yours even though you're punk-rock
and I'm pure pop now I'm daydreaming foolishly how crazy

in a good way we could be if I'm more than imagining this
serendipity which honestly, I may not be but if that's the case

grateful nonetheless I'll have been to have held
you accordionesque in my arms even once, serpent-charming

sounds of potential from your witty, whispering lips