Spring Cleaning

"Spring Cleaning" - 4/8/13

How exhausting it is
To pretend not to care
Spring has no patience
For less than effusion

I've learned to be silent by listening
To street noise: arguments laughter sirens
But holding back's against the spirit
Of this fierce city and I'm nothing

If not a New Yorker at heart
Pretending not to care
Is more than I can muster
I'd sooner just sing to myself

I believe when people die
There's nothing after but memories
Of having listened, for better or worse
Weather is a chance-transfusion

How else would we remember
Loss awaits at all points along
Lust's footpath while deflecting love's
The demise of truth

How exhausting it is
To pretend not to hear
April winds have no secrets from

Tragedy's collision with hope